Christmas Baking With Grandmother, Part 1

Dear Reader, 

My grandmother has come up with the fabulous idea to bake and freeze our Christmas goodies this year, so that there will be more time to spend with the family. (Additionally, I am receiving cooking lessons!) Today we made Orange Pecan Monkey Bread, which was delicious! (And did not get frozen. It got eaten!) 

Doesn’t it look divine??? It smells like Christmas, and it tastes like Heaven! 

I learned where orange zest comes from, and had fun doing it! When I asked Grandmother what to do with the orange after I was finished, she said “Don’t waste it! You peel that thing, cut that thing, and eat that thing!”  (I included the picture of the rinds because I was fascinated by the colors!) We spent a very enjoyable afternoon making a delicious treat, and swapping fashion advice 😊 (I am now the proud owner of a lovely blue plaid scarf, and a dark denim wrap skirt, courtesy of Grandmother!)

Grandmother’s kitchen is all in Blue Willow, and I love it. She tells me that I’m the only who does, so I get all her Blue one day. And there is quite a bit! We talked about the history of some of the pieces she collected while Grandfather was overseas. Then the timer to the oven went off, and the feasting began 😁 The recipe is one of my great-grandmother’s, part of a cookbook Grandmother and Mom and I are creating with her old recipes! It was wonderful! I’ll post the recipe later, if you’re interested! 
Much Love,



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