Beautiful Messes?

Dear Reader, My life is a complete mess. My car is littered with trash, even though I clean it out twice a week (not to mention the fact that I CANNOT remember to check the oil in it). My bedroom stays cluttered, even if I just picked it up 5 minutes ago. And do not... Continue Reading →


Christmas Baking With Grandmother, Part 1

Dear Reader,  My grandmother has come up with the fabulous idea to bake and freeze our Christmas goodies this year, so that there will be more time to spend with the family. (Additionally, I am receiving cooking lessons!) Today we made Orange Pecan Monkey Bread, which was delicious! (And did not get frozen. It got... Continue Reading →


Dear Reader, I mentioned before that I like to be prepared, I like to know what the plan is. I also told you about my lackadaisical approach to “preparing” for work in the mornings under the guise of not being a “morning person.” But in reality, that’s just an excuse. The days go by in... Continue Reading →

New Job, New Challenges

Dear Reader, Two weeks ago, I applied for CNA training at a nursing home in my town. The very next day I got a call for an interview. (It was less an interview than being talked at by the staffing coordinator whom I already love... She's hilarious!) Today I had orientation, which was a very... Continue Reading →

The Third Option

Dear Reader, I don't like not knowing things. I like to have a plan, a schedule, and a back up itinerary. I really do not like unknowns. Lately I have been prayerfully considering the next step for my life. I've been looking at a couple of colleges, considering apartments in my town, just checking out... Continue Reading →

Who’s In Control?

Dear Reader, Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope that The Lord allows me to use this to help you in some way. I am on a journey of discovering the great love that The Lord has for me in spite of my many, many shortcomings and mistakes. Because... Continue Reading →

In The Beginning?

Dear Reader, I am by no means a "morning person." I groan when my alarm goes off, I won't speak to anyone until I've been out of bed for at least an hour, and even then I'm grouchy. But occasionally, there are days that I am awake before my family. On those days I am... Continue Reading →

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