New Job, New Challenges

Dear Reader, Two weeks ago, I applied for CNA training at a nursing home in my town. The very next day I got a call for an interview. (It was less an interview than being talked at by the staffing coordinator whom I already love... She's hilarious!) Today I had orientation, which was a very... Continue Reading →

The Third Option

I don't like not knowing things. I like to have a plan, a schedule, and a back up itinerary. I really do not like unknowns. Lately I have been prayerfully considering the next step for my life. I've been looking at a couple of colleges, considering apartments in my town, just checking out my options.... Continue Reading →

Who’s In Control?

Dear Reader, Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope that The Lord allows me to use this to help you in some way. I am on a journey of discovering the great love that The Lord has for me in spite of my many, many shortcomings and mistakes. Because... Continue Reading →

In The Beginning?

Dear Reader, I am by no means a "morning person." I groan when my alarm goes off, I won't speak to anyone until I've been out of bed for at least an hour, and even then I'm grouchy. But occasionally, there are days that I am awake before my family. On those days I am... Continue Reading →

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